Portfolio Management

Is your current advisor working more for himself than he is for you? Does he encourage investments in products that give him a big commission?


Compass Financial Planning is a Fee-Only Financial Advisor working for you. There are no hidden fees or big commission checks.


Compass Financial Planning's Portfolio Management begins with planning and then builds a portfolio that helps advance the goals that emerge from the process of Discover, Define, and Design.


Compass Financial Planning's approach to investing uses low-cost and tax-efficient investments to better help our clients achieve their goals.


Planning Services

Compass Financial Planning's process of Discover, Define, and Design is a process of discovering your core values, defining goals that advance those values, and then designing a comprehensive financial plan around those goals.


Project Services

Compass Financial Planning's Project Services are designed to address a single issue. If you have questions such as, "How do I invest a 401k?" "Should I buy a new home?" or "How much do I need to save?" Compass Financial Planning can help you find the answers to your financial questions.



Assistance Programs

Many employers offer their employees an Employee Assistance Program as part of their benefits package. These same organizations often offer a number of benefits including pension plans, disability coverage, and life insurance. Compass Financial Planning can help you plot the course through to retirement.  Questions such as, “How can I most effectively plan for retirement?” or “Am I financially ready to retire?” necessitate the guidance of a financial expert. Use your EAP benefits to get professional financial counseling from Compass Financial Planning.

Most of us just dream of it – sudden money. Sudden wealth is a large, usually unplanned, lump of cash in our bank account. It can come from any number of sources: inheritance, prize money, insurance settlement, or even a big bonus. People tend to fall into one of two responses to this windfall: either we wonder how fast we can spend it, or we wonder how we can keep ourselves from spending it.  The first step in dealing with sudden money is to be thankful. You have received a gift from providence, or a deceased loved one, and need to take a moment to say thanks and appreciate that something potentially good has happened to you. The next step is to stop imagining all the things you can do and Discover, Define and Design a plan that guides you in using the money well.

Compass Financial Planning can assist you in getting a handle on your situation and planning on how to use the money. We work only on a fee basis, so there is no pressure to save and invest with us if that is not in your best interest. Whether you save, invest, or spend the money, Compass Financial Planning can help you confidently make the right decision that moves you forward and removes the stress of Sudden Wealth.

Sudden Wealth

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